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The Undervaluing of Hard Work

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

In today's day and age hard work is so undervalued. Read about my views on the effects of this on high performers and the rest of society.

In today's day and age hard work is grossly undervalued. We live in a society in which people refuse to sacrifice to become successful.

Success, of course, is defined by each individual. Some people desire to have children, while others dream about being famed entrepreneurs. It's ironic to see that in a world that tries to be supportive, so many people tell you that your dreams are impossible. I have met many people who told me that I couldn't achieve my dreams. These people often bring up statistics to show me just how unlikely it is for me to achieve what I wish to achieve, but they fail to realize that I have already accomplished the most insane feat possible. As have you. And as have they. The odds of even being born as a human being are 400 trillion: 1. These odds are less than the odds it takes to achieve almost anything in our world. If we have all already beaten those odds - why can't we reach our goals? Many times people start on the path towards success excitedly and motivated, but they quickly lose their motivation as the path becomes harder.

People often fail to realize that those who achieved their dreams did so because they worked harder than everyone else. There was no luck that pushed them to the finish line. Achieving your dreams takes such incredible focus and hard work that many are not willing to make the sacrifices it takes to achieve them. This is why so few succeed.

The odds are not in your favor. Does that matter? You decide.
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