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Serial entrepreneur, software developer, IT professional, podcast host, speaker, and blogger.

Andrew Gunderman is a 19-year-old software developer, IT professional, podcast host, blogger, serial entrepreneur, speaker, and freshman at Ohio State University who is renowned for his achievements and ambition at his young age.

Andrew is one of the founding fathers of Sprout, co-founder and CEO of Vyra, an online interviewing platform, host of the Mindset Effect, his podcast on life and entrepreneurship, and software engineer doing contract work for numerous companies around the world. 

Andrew's Story

Andrew grew up in a small town named Hillsboro in southern Ohio. He quickly developed an interest in all things technology. However, he didn't begin to really get into programming until around age 15. As he realized the lack of opportunity in his hometown he began to look to nearby cities to gain real experience. By the end of his senior year of high school he had amassed 6 internship interviews, and received offers for 5 of the 6.


The summer after his senior year he worked with a company named Vora Ventures in Cincinnati, Ohio. With the backing of Vora, he co-founded Sprout. Throughout this summer of sleeping in basements and his car, Andrew began to realize his ambition and love of being an entrepreneur. He and his co-founders pitched to many investors including executives of some of the largest companies in the world such as Kroger, P&G, and others.


That fall he began to attend The Ohio State University and decided to study Computer Science. Soon after, he decided to build another company that would improve the interviewing process which became Vyra. During this time he was also recruited to work in IT for Ohio State.

After his first semester Andrew began the Mindset Effect Podcast where he could document his journey towards success and provide content with the aim of changing people's mindsets, and therefore their lives. Andrew continues to grind at Ohio State on his many ventures and plans to continue growing and learning.


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In life, strive to make the uncommon feel common, and show the common that they can become uncommon.

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